I am an avid photographer and an animal conservationist, born and raised in Hong Kong. By combining my love for animals and photography, my mission is to spread awareness about the situation surrounding the welfare of animals and the struggles that animal conservations face around the world – lack of monetary support from government/corporations and lack of education regarding illegal wildlife trafficking, pet trade, breeding mills, habitat loss and proper care are just some examples.

Having worked with animals for more than 10 years, both in animal medicine and at animal shelters, it is important for me to spend a considerable amount of time at each sanctuary; looking after them, building trust and creating a bond before taking photos. Its also then, where you will be able to see their true colours shine!

My dream is to continue to travel, be part of the dedicated team and work hands-on with the many beautiful animals that are misplaced on this planet. One of my goal is to photograph endangered and critically endangered animals around the world, spreading awareness about their situation before its too late.

I am open to give talks about my experience in animal welfare/ conservation work. Spreading awareness and helping support organisations that strive to make a difference in improving the situation of the animal kingdom and our planet as whole. We are after all connected on a deeper level.

“A photograph is a complete story without words,
an image that lasts longer than memory itself.” – SK